Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager 2.4.19

Android Mobile Manager is a powerful management software, which helps users completely manage Android smart phone on computer.
Key features:

Transfer all files, like contacts, text messages, photos, videos, books, apps, etc., from Android smart phone to computer as a backup;
Download, install and uninstall apps on computer at will;
Easily add, delete or edit files whenever you want;
Directly send text messages to others on computer.
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48 votes Vote

be able to control my phone with my pc.

have the mouse and keyboard show on my phone and act as the controls of the phone.
fingerlakes_dave, 31.08.2015, 08:11
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10 votes Vote

be able to delete rooted apps, present delete option is no plus

Knolletje, 31.08.2015, 19:27
1 vote Vote

While Contacts are saved in a single file, it would be nice to have the software create a folder named after each backup function, Apps, Messages, Music, Photos, Videos, Books. Thanks

ArtC1, 01.09.2015, 01:18
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be able to create a new folder during the export dialog.

I tried uploading a 500MB MP4 video and it failed. The process seemed to be going fine until the very end. The only error message is the word “failed” — not very helpful.
Robert , 01.09.2015, 02:56